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Educational Center

Educated Traders = Higher Deposits.
Offer your traders the most comprehensive educational solution with over 100 lessons that include over 10 hours of videos. Convert viewers into leads using call-to-action overlays!

Trading Tools

Every day traders use different tools in order to take crucial decisions while trading.
Offering traders our extensive selection of trading tools will enhance your clients’ trading experience and increase their engagement with your brand.


Our Forex and Binary Options ebooks are designed for novice as well as expert traders.
With dozens of pages discussing the history, terms, features, indicators, and main strategies of these markets, our ebooks are every trader’s desire.


All of our products are branded with your brand name! It is all tailor made for you:
Your brand colors, your preferred content, and your choice of design.
Empower Your Brand!

What Do You Get?

The educational center includes:

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The Educational Center

We developed the most comprehensive educational solution out there:
Over 10 hours of videos, Over 100 trading lessons, Over 15 different courses

Simple Website Integration

    Simply embed one line of code in your website and enjoy our trading educational center!

    “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” (Steve Jobs)

Branded & Customized

    Like a suit, your educational kit fits you the most when it’s tailor made.

    The trading educational kit is highly flexible for you to customize it for your brand.

    Your brand, Your colors, Your choice of content!

Convert Viewers Into Leads

    Convert viewers into leads using a dynamic call-to-action overlays that will help you communicate unlimited promotions to each viewer.

    Take advantage of this innovative solution to create new marketing funnels, attract more affiliates and reach new client segments.

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Your Competitive Edge

Your Achievements With The Trading Educational Center:


  • Enhance Your Affiliate Network's Marketing Tools
  • Attract New Client Segments
  • All The Content You Need In One Place


  • Generate Relevant Call-to-Actions
  • Increase Conversion Rates & Trading Volumes
  • Boost Your Sales Team's Assets At Zero Costs


  • Increase Users' Lifetime Value Through Education
  • Improve Your Client Retention
  • Empower Your Brand

Mobile Revolution

The educational center is customized to all devices -
Join us today to start your own mobile revolution!

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